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Welcome in Polytecnic Wallah

Hello Everyone, How are you. And how your studies going. Polytecnic Wallah is a platform where you will get Syllabus, Notes, Practical, Term-work and Previous year questions. All the study-materials are free and in good quality. You can contact me for any doubts. I enjoy to solve your problems because this is my passion. So, Please subscribe for more updates because these activities motivates us to do work. Every study-materials is created by subject experts teacher. You can also contact to subject experts to solve  doubts. So, please comments, rate us for our hard work.

Important Official Websites


            SBTE Online

             BCECE Board

                 SBTE Ems Login

          Aicte Parakh

Main features

  • Latest Syllabus

  • Handwritten Notes & ppt (Chapter-wise)

  • Practical & Term-work

  • Notice and Updates

  •  Previous year Question (Year-wise)

  • Interactive and Responsive Platform

  • Previous year Question of Polytechnic Entrance

  • Previous year Question of  Lateral Entry

About Us

I am Himanshu Kashyap. I have got my secondary education from BSEB board by getting 94% marks. After that I have done Polytecnic from Government Polytecnic Patna-7,Gulzarbagh. I am a web developer.

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Our Services


Here you'll get latest syllabus for all branch & each semester.


Here you'll get chapter-wise Notes(handwritten) for all branch & each semester.​


Here you'll get Practical & Termwork branch & each semester.​

Previous year Question

Here you'll get year-wise Previous year question and question bank for all branch & each semester.​

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