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I am Himanshu Kashyap. I have got my secondary education from BSEB board by getting 94% marks. After that I have done Polytecnic from Government Polytecnic Patna-7,Gulzarbagh. I am a web developer.

Welcome in Polytechnic Wallah . Here you got will get all free study materials like notes, pdf, practical & previous year questions.

All updates related to SBTE Board & BCECE Board.

Please support and subscribe  us for updates. So we can help you with full motivation.

Don’t worry about your study You will contact me any time for any Doubts . I will try to solve as soon as possible.

You can ask me anything related to polytechic and future  competitive exams.

Here you will get all vacancies updates and exam syllabus, dates &etc.

Here all study materials are created by subject expert teachers. you  can also contact with subject expert teacher for any doubts.

So, support us  because it is the only platform where you will get  full study-materials free and all updates related to semester exams. Platform is also available here.  Please support us because we work hard for you to provide all notes, pdf, practical, termwork, updates &previous year questions. You can also get scholarships.

I will always help you because this is my passion. I will enjoy your comment because this motivates me.

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